It is with great pleasure that we can announce dear ladies and gentlefolk, The Institution now has outdoor seating! Yes, we realise this is a momentous occasion, though the credit for this significant achievement must go to our great leaders - the Council. For without their hard work and paper shuffling for a mere five months to fast track this process we would be without.

They kindly left many calls unanswered, messages unreturned and submissions unread, all to focus their efforts on dealing with the arduous task of signing off on outdoor seating (with a liquor license!). No doubt the challenge of this burden caused many dear civil servants much stress and anguish. For their resourcefulness and diligence we thank them.

Our faith in the rebuild of Christchurch is strengthened and assured, safe in the knowledge of the dedication and perseverance of our beloved bureaucrats. And now we may sit outside, just in time for Autumn, to reflect on the victory and remember the tea breaks lost along the way, we will remember them. #‎process4purpose